About Us

RTW Integrated Health Management (RIHM) follows a social enterprise model providing unique services in the public and private spheres with focus on enhancing public health care and rehabilitation through innovation, evolving evidence-based care, a focus on the social determinants of health, social/environmental justice advocacy and related professional education/training initiatives. Established originally in 1987 as a provider of psychological services (Dr. J Douglas Salmon Jr. & Associates) and partnered with RIHM's interdisciplinary services in 2007, the organizations have cultivated a proven track record of integrity, service excellence and leadership within their varied intervention, evaluation and assessment services.

In April 2015, the RIHM-JDS companies were rebranded such that RIHM has become the sole provider of interdisciplinary intervention related services, while Synergy Integrated Assessments (SIA, www.SynergyIntegratedAssessments.ca) has become the sole provider of interdisciplinary third-party assessments including medical-legal related services. RIHM's evolving evidence-based care model and related interventions are supported by research initiatives by Rehabilitation Research, Education and Evaluation Services (www.rrees.com), close linkages with the Mental Health Program/Psychology Department at University of Toronto Scarborough, industry funding partner Multi-Health Systems (www.mhs.com) and national accelerate grant funder MITACS (www.mitacs.ca).

Service Providers

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Senior Management

Dr. J. Douglas Salmon Jr.

Executive Director

Neuro / Rehab Psychologist

Heather Pickin

Director, Clinical Services and Integrated Rehab

Cindy Vogel

Manager Quality Assurance/Reports Coordination (Multidisciplinary), LLB, MSW

Raymond Katt BiZhiw

Senior Advisor, Indigenous Programming


Psychological Services Providers

Dr. Arun Pillai

Clinical Rehab Psychologist

Andrei Kozlowski

Rehab Psychological Associate

Dr. Jeffrey Karp

Clinical Rehab Psychologist

Giselle Braganza


Lorena Hsu



Dr. Tatiana Dumitrascu


Dr. Natasha Browne

Clinical/Rehab Psychologist

Gloria Franco


Jennifer Tanovich

Psychometrist /

File Analyst

Robert Brown

Road Safety Consultant


Richard Helfrich

Road Safety Consultant

Sid Kimel

Quality Assurance / File Analyst

Pam Zuker

Vocational Specialist


Occupational Therapy Services Providers

Heather Pickin

Director, Clinical Services and Integrated Rehab

Farhana Jessa

Occupational Therapist

Tim Chang

Occupational Therapist

Avi Kaplan

Occupational Therapist

Lauren Crump

Occupational Therapy Master's Student

Susan Javasky

Occupational Therapist

Rachel Sino Cruz

Occupational Therapy


Administration & Special Services

Niruba Selva

Office Assistant

Josie Pickin

Administration Support

Naomi Vondell


Tyler Salmon

Special Projects


Lauren Crump

Administration Support

Deborah Willoughby

Intake and Scheduling Coordinator

Elizabeth Ibarra

Indigenous Programs (Student) Facilitator


Medical Specialist, Dental Surgery, Chiropractor & Physiotherapy Services

Dr. Taj Getahun

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. Paul Muller


Dr. Michael W. Rozeluk

Dental Surgeon

Dr. Chantal Vaidyanath

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


- Additional medical specialty services and allied health in partnership with East York Physiotherapy and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Clinic