Indigenous Mental Health and Fetal Alcohol Effects Pilot Clinic

RIHM is a unique provider in a formal trial of multi-disciplinary assessments for incarcerated Aboriginal/First Nations offenders in the Gladue* pre-sentencing process within the Ontario correctional facility system.

We will soon be piloting related rehabilitation services for such (predominantly young) offenders.

ROMS will be a vital measure to evaluate the effectiveness of related functional, mental health, and vocationally related rehabilitation interventions.

As a facility committed to the training of rehabilitation professionals (graduate level therapists, physicians, and rehabilitation/neuropsychologists) and continuing education to clinicians and public rehabilitation services, ROMS enhancement will provide the evidence-base for RIHM’s related clinical teaching involvement.

*The Gladue process is a Supreme Court of Canada mandated assessment of Aboriginal/First Nations persons whereby such individuals undergo an exhaustive psychosocial developmental assessment to assist the court in considering alternative sentencing tools to foster rehabilitation, community reintegration, reduced recidivism, and to place “particular attention to the circumstances of aboriginal offenders” in efforts to redress: “The drastic overrepresentation of aboriginal peoples within both the Canadian prison population and the criminal justice system”.  The Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) pilot project in which RIHM is involved is co-sponsored by Anishnawbe Health Toronto (Community Health Care Clinic; and Aboriginal Legal Services of Toronto (  The project involves a multi-disciplinary pre-sentencing assessment (including Gladue-Social Worker, Physician, Neuropsychologist, Traditional Healer) of the incarcerated person towards the potential diagnosis of FASD, and holistic treatment/rehabilitation recommendations in the context of a feedback meeting oriented strictly for the offender, and a related report for the court/sentencing judge. For further information pertaining to the Gladue process, please visit