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As a dynamic and interdiscipinary rehabilitation and organizational disability management firm, RTW Integrated Health Management (RIHM) consistently delivers expert clinical and vocational assessment treatment and intervention in relation to:

  • Acute through vocational rehabilitation stages
  • Integrated clinical and assessment services
  • Functional restoration & Vocational Rehabilitation Fast-Stream Treatment Programs
  • Comprehensive & Integrated Extended Treatment Programs
  • Educational Programs and Updates in the Field for Healthcare & Legal Professionals

Our clinically integrated, multi-disciplinary clinical team spans across Toronto and ensures that the right health care professional is dedicated to addressing the specific needs of each individual client from acute injury through to end point recovery including vocational reintegration.

Through careful management of available treatment funding resources, RIHM promises to be both cost and clinically effective for all parties concerned.

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Dr. J. Douglas Salmon, Jr. invited lecture: Outcome Guided Clinical-Vocational Rehabilitation, University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC).

Outcome Guided Rehabilitation Part 1

The RIHM Advantage.

Outcome Guided Rehabilitation Part 2

More videos from the UTSC lecture.

Other videos by Dr. J. Douglas Salmon, Jr.


RTW Integrated Health Management (RIHM) follows a social enterprise model providing unique services in the public and private spheres with focus on enhancing public health care and rehabilitation through innovation, evolving evidence-based care, a focus on the social determinants of health, social/environmental justice advocacy and related professional education/training initiatives. Established originally in 1987 as a provider of psychological services (Dr. J Douglas Salmon Jr. & Associates) and partnered with RIHM's interdisciplinary services in 2007, the organizations have cultivated a proven track record of integrity, service excellence and leadership within their varied intervention, evaluation and assessment services.

In April 2015, the RIHM-JDS companies were rebranded such that RIHM has become the sole provider of interdisciplinary intervention related services, while Synergy Integrated Assessments (SIA, www.SynergyIntegratedAssessments.ca) has become the sole provider of interdisciplinary third-party assessments including medical-legal related services. RIHM's evolving evidence-based care model and related interventions are supported by research initiatives by Rehabilitation Research, Education and Evaluation Services (www.rrees.com), close linkages with the Mental Health Program/Psychology Department at University of Toronto Scarborough, industry funding partner Multi-Health Systems (www.mhs.com) and national accelerate grant funder MITACS (www.mitacs.ca).

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Contact us at (416) 222-0157 or info@rtwintegratedhealth.com to find out how your clients can benefit from our expertise and experience.