CAT University, Post 104 & Medical-Legal Updates

As leaders in the field of assessment after complex injuries, including brain injury, and related case law, we'd like to share that knowledge with healthcare and legal professionals. Explore our online educational opportunities for Catastrophic Impairment and Post 104 Assessments and apply the latest in evolving case law to your practice.

In conjunction with Dr. Salmon & Associates, RIHM presents a series of online lectures intended to inform, educate and inspire best practice initiatives and ongoing learning for both allied health professionals and legal professionals.

Note: the educational resources listed here are intended for educational purposes only and do not replace case specific medical opinion or the required certification/qualifications necessary for administering or interpreting any assessments discussed.

For Allied Health Professionals

These video lectures cover key elements of best-practice assessment in relation to the Glasgow Coma Scale, Glasgow Outcome Scale and Mental/Behavioural Impairments as it pertains to Catastrophic Impairment and Post-104 Week Assessment within the Ontario motor vehicle accident. The Catastrophic Impairment lectures reflect excerpts from the CMCC AMA Guides/Catastrophic Impairment Certification Course. By no means are they considered satisfactory substitutions for successful completion of certification.

For Legal Professionals

These video lectures cover the latest in evolving case law and state of the art assessments/protocol to enhance the legal pursuit of Catastrophic Impairment Entitlement.


Dr. Salmon has played a key role in evolving Catastrophic Impairment case law with two of his decisions (Liu and Pastore) having been supported by the Ontario Court of Appeal. RIHM's related protocols capitalize on this experience facilitating settlement and strengthening litigation support.

Our newsletter brings you state of the art updates on personal injury medical-legal issues, disability management and traumatic brain injury.

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Vol 1 - Summer - 2014

The P104 Process Simplified and P104 Situational Assessment Case Study