RIHM Advantage

Our evidence-based, integrated approach consistently delivers quality, cost-effective care for our clients and comprehensive, graphical documentation of residual functional impairments for their legal representatives. RIHM integrates the art of clinical therapy with scientific research for outcome driven results.

Providing clinically effective treatment and justified assessment is an art within itself. RIHM’s specialized and experienced professionals work in close collaboration to maximize meaningful treatment outcomes and to integrate intervention stages to promote consolidated gains. This contrasts with sporadic, non-integrated rehabilitation which results in the erosion of treatment gains as depicted below. 

RIHM clinicians use Rehabilitation Outcome Measurement System (ROMS); an empirically tested, evidence-based range of occupational, symptom and functional outcome measures. Years of research and development have established sound reliability and validity of the key ROMS measures, each with clinically meaningful benchmarks. From data extracted, we provide graphical patient measure scores illustrating progress at every level of treatment. This ensures that reports are backed by strong, valid and measurable evidence and that the patient’s treatment plan adapts to both their fluctuating needs and sustained progress. 

RIHM’s dedicated case management and scientifically grounded rehabilitation profile design raises the standard in the field of vocational rehabilitation. The graphs below depict how our integrated clinical/vocational assessment and active interventions excel over traditional assessment and treatment services.